Make A Hat Fit For A Queen

In Epsom, we will be celebrating Her Majesty’s reign with public art, community events and, most importantly, Hats!

Her Majesty is the world’s most famous hat wearer, horse racing and style are natural partners and hats are a natural link.

We want the local community to get involved and make their own hats from recycled materials to wear at the many events in the borough.

Thank you to everyone who turned up at our  ‘Make Your Jubilee Hat’ day on Saturday 14th June in the Atrium at Epsom Square. Keep making those hats and we are looking forward to seeing them at our Jubilee Family Festival in Epsom marketplace and Epsom Square on Wednesday 1st June and at the community evening at Epsom Downs on the 2nd June where families will be able to parade their hats before the Platinum Jubilee Beacon Lighting at 9.45pm.

To take part, check out one of Epsom’s charity shops or maybe personalise your own headpiece?

If you need some inspiration, watch celebrated local Milliner and Style Awards Judge, Jessica Rae in one of these two short films.

In this video Jessica shows you how to upcycle an old headband

In this video Jessica shows you how to upcycle an old hat

Go Epsom and The Jockey Club are working with charity Brain Tumour Research to raise awareness of the great work that they do. Their main fundraising event is “Wear A Hat Day” which fits in nicely with the Cazoo Derby Festival.

Wear A Hat Day is a family of three hattastic annual fundraising events. Together these events have raised millions of pounds to help fund the fight against brain tumours.

Each of these events is hugely popular, with tens of thousands of people taking part in schools, workplaces and social communities across the country.

For More Details or To Donate CLICK HERE

Our beautiful featured image was created by Anne Verbij a student at University of Creative Arts in Epsom.